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Videos and Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Talk To Your Doctor Campaign PSAs

MDH Spot: Talk To Your Doctor ER 30
MDH Spot: Talk To Your Doctor Clinic 30
MDH Spot: Talk To Your Doctor GP Spanish 30


The Dangers of Fentanyl

Fighting Opioids Today: Maryland Communities
Naloxone Training Video

Jonathan Ogden PSAs

Jonathan Ogden Fentanyl 30
Jonathan Ogden NaloxoneTrain 15
Jonathan Ogden NaloxoneTrain 15

Anti-Stigma PSAs: Digital Stories

PSA: “Good Samaritan Law” 30 seconds
Good Samaritan Law 
Overcoming Opioids: Maternity
Overcoming Opioids: Narcan/Harm Reduction
Overcoming Opioids: Telemedicine/Buprenorphine
Medication Assisted Treatment