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Do you or a family member have a substance use disorder (SUD)?

Are you concerned about what the coronavirus situation means for you?

This is a distressing time for everyone – especially those who are dealing with an SUD. If you need resources to help you deal with an SUD during this time, please contact your local addictions authority (LAA). Most LAAs can provide:

    • Assistance getting an extended supply of SUD medication, such as methadone
    • Referrals to telehealth (remote) counseling services
    • Information on accessible support resources, such as virtual 12-step meetings

For information related to coronavirus and COVID-19 in Maryland, please refer to the following sources:

  • Talk to Your Doctor About Opioids
  • Dangers Of Fentanyl
  • Talk to Your Doctor About Opioids
  • What You Need to Know about Naloxone
  • Good samaritan law - don't run, call 911