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Use of ORF Funds

To date, the OOCC has supported two grant programs using funds received from the settlement with McKinsey & Company. These grant programs will utilize settlement funds in fiscal years 2023 and 2024. These funding decisions were made prior to the establishment of the ORF Advisory Council and before receiving funds from the Janssen settlement.

  • On July 1, 2022, the OOCC announced $7.7 million in grant awards through our new Examination and Treatment Act Grant Program (ETAGP). This program is designed to support local jurisdictions in implementing the requirements of the Opioid Use Disorder Examination and Treatment Act of 2019, which requires all local detention centers to implement programs to screen incarcerated individuals for opioid use disorder, offer peer recovery specialist services, counseling services to develop re-entry plans for individuals upon release, and offer all three FDA-approved formulations of medications for opioid use disorder in their facilities. The grant program will run through fiscal year 2024, and the awards will support projects in 17 local detention facilities. 
  • On November 11, 2022, the OOCC announced the awards for our Access to Recovery Emergency Gap Funds Grant Program. Through this program, the OOCC will distribute $248,925 to cover emergency expenses incurred by organizations that work with people in recovery, such as transportation to treatment and recovery services and stays in recovery housing. 12 recovery organizations will be supported through this program.
  • The OOCC is supporting the Data-Informed Opioid Risk Mitigation (DORM) initiative in the 2023 fiscal year. The estimated cost to support DORM through the next two years is $2 million. The OOCC chose to support this initiative to promote the evaluation of data supporting evidence-based decisions for future ORF spending.

State-Local Distribution of McKinsey Settlement Funds

Future Use of Funds

Janssen Settlement (year 1 & 2 payments)

To date, Maryland has received the first two annual payment installments under the Janssen Settlement. The OOCC is currently developing the grant procedures for the Targeted Abatement Funds and State Discretionary Abatement Funds identified in the State Subdivision Agreement for the Janssen settlement. 

The OOCC anticipates that $46,889,761 will be distributed through these programs in the 2024 fiscal year. These funds will be restricted to the allowable uses identified by the Opioid Restitution Fund, the National Settlement (Exhibit E), and the State Subdivision Agreement. 

Approximately $13,540,117 will be distributed as direct payments to local subdivisions.

1 – These funds are not subject to the requirements of the Opioid Restitution Fund but are bound by the requirements of the State Settlement Agreement. They are not subject to ORF Advisory Council recommendations.